2021 League Registration Kit- available until 3/31/2021


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Shipping is included in the price of the league kit for ALL addresses.

You MUST consult the Guidelines for 2021 Leagues post here, before purchasing the kit: viewtopic.php?f=659&t=77075

Kits will be assembled the first week of April and will ship shortly afterwards.

League kits will no longer be available after March 31st.

Contents of the 2021 League Kits are:
PARTICIPATION SLIPS: 15 foil v-slips for each of the 6 events:
–EVENT 1: Seventh Sister
–EVENT 2: Qi’ra
–EVENT 3: Malachor: Sith Temple Upper Chamber
–EVENT 4: Fifth Brother
–EVENT 5: Han… Solo
–EVENT 6: Lord Sidious
BONUS SLIPS: 15 foil v-slips for one bonus card, distributed at league organizer’s discretion:
–BONUS: Saw Guerra
PERFECT ATTENDANCE: 10 “perfect attendance” foil v-slips, for those with perfect or most-frequent participation:
–PA: Rose Tico
EVENT WINNER SLIPS: 6 event winner foil v-slips:
T-SHIRT: 1 SWCCG t-shirt – awarded at league organizer’s discretion:
–T-SHIRT: Moff Gideon
POKER CHIPS: 20 Poker Chips across colors (5x each), distributed at league organizers’ discretion:
EXTRA FOIL V-SLIPS: At the discretion of the Mailing Team, any excess foil v-slip in the inventory were included for league organizers to distribute at their discretion.
VOUCHER: 1 Free Registration voucher to the league winner, which may be applied to any one major event – online or live – through calendar year 2022 (such event registrations have ranged from $25-$50 in recent years).
DIGITAL PRIZES: At the discretion of the Tournament Committee Leagues Administrator throughout the Leagues season, Gemp prizes such as digital gold, digital foil cards, digital packs and digital boxes may be awarded to reward and incentivize staying on pace for number of events.

If you have any questions, contact the Tournament Committee Leagues Administrator at leagues@starwarsccg.org.