2020 League Registration Kit


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Shipping is included in the price of the league kit (within USA)-  Kits will be assembled the first week of March and will ship shortly afterwards.

How do I get a league in my area set up?

A: In order to set up a league, you MUST contact the Tournament Advocate via email at tournaments@starwarsccg.org.

Q: Are there prizes for this the league?

Contents of the League Kits 2019-2020 are:  (avail Nov 1st)

15 copies of each FOIL* per event:

EVENT 1: Kylo Ren With Lightsaber (non-AI)

EVENT 2: Luke Skywalker, The Last Jedi (V)

EVENT 3: Insidious Prisoner (V)

EVENT 4: Cloning Cylinders (V)

EVENT 5: Invisible Hand: Bridge (V)

5x PERFECT ATTENDANCE full slip (will be given to anyone that makes all 5 events): Ahsoka Tano (V)

6x EVENT WINNER slips (for the winner of each event and one for the organizer): Invisible Hand (V)

1x T-SHIRT: The Grand Inquisitor (V) or Mitth’raw’nuruodo

10x SW CCG Poker Chip WHITE DROID SYMBOL (exclusive to this package!) -> one for each event winner and one randomly drafted per event

– Posters, Loose Rares

As long as we have them in stock (only while supplies last) we will also add:

2 copies of an EXCLUSIVE LEAGUE AI FOIL (Savage Opress)* – one to be given to the winner and one to the League organizer

2x Small Deck boxes out of thin cardboard (fit into a Sealed deck cube)

Q: How many events do we need to run? Are there any restrictions on what format the events can be?

A: Just run FIVE League events. The events can be any format you would like. Death Star and before, Open format, sealed, booster draft, scenario events, Cube, and more. Whatever your area wants to play.