Road to The 25th World Championship Event


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In conjunction with Set 13 releasing on 9 November and the return of Private Games, we’re happy to announce the Road to Worlds event starting on 10 November.

This OCS-style event will cost $5.25 and give you the chance to play some high-level games over those 25 days (see what we did there?) leading up to Worlds with all those new Set 13 brews you’ve been theory-crafting for the last month.

Date: 10 November through 4 December

Cost: $5.25
Games: 12 (6 LS and 6 DS)
Prizes: Anyone who registers for the event will receive “25”-stamped Luke Skywalker v and Darth Vader v virtual slips. Anyone who finishes the event with at least 25 points in the league (7-5 or better) will instead receive foil “25”-stamped Luke v and Vader v virtual slips.

Additionally, whoever finishes 2nd through 5th will receive a refund on their Worlds entry fee!¬† ¬†Finally, the winner of this event will receive an exclusive “Road to 2020 Worlds Champion” playmat.


Please include your GEMP username in the Notes section for easier registration for the tournament.